What we do

We offer assistance where it's most needed. We run the following programmes in Bo Town, Sierra Leone environment and abroad.


  • children's programmes: day care centres and toddler groups
  • HIV programmes: HIV counselling, support and self-help groups 
  • the Fight Poverty programme: daily soup kitchens and a second-hand store
  • the One World programme: One World store and various awareness campaigns on issues such as fair trade, child labour, refuse pregnant women in school or providing means of educatrion for them and environmental issues affecting developing countries
  • orphans and homeless
  • child molestation, under-age pregnancy,drop-out from education
  • sentisization: food and hygien
  • Educating and advising parent/guardian


Children of God Association (COGA) work both in the UK and Sierra Leone.

COGA works with the Aidboxcommunity for refugees. Assisting to sort out donations received from donors to the organisation, for donating them to the Bristol refugees and asylum seekers in the Bristol


COGA is working with the the 2030 sustainable goal implementation.

Due to war, extreme poverty, high rate of family & or relative death, disease, disasters and sickness Children are abandoned and left on their own with non proper care and stability.

COGA has been assisting by giving these children education and stability to be part of society and to make a difference. COGA motivate, sensitise and empower these children to make them realise their potentials

 COGA assist them to have good quality of life and provide them a family home, as would require. COGA abides by the child's Act regulation, to protect children.

COGA is willing to assist teen mothers, school drop outs in many different ways by means of education. Our able volunteers are capable to assist with the children while their mothers are in school.

Eradicating illiteracy in Bo Town, second city in Sierra Leone, it surroundings and beyond are COGA'S target. COGA will continue to fight, assist to tackle education in Sierra Leone

COGA assist to fight diseass in Sierra Leone by sensitising parents/guardian, family homes and the public with supply of sanitary materials.

COGA has been working with the Bristol refugee and asylum seekers office, to translate in African language. COGA assist ethnic minority parents who are settled, and new refugee parents with child care and education in their homes.

COGA works with The Aidboxcommunity for refugees and asylum seekets, assisting to sort out donations received from donors to donate to refugees in the UK and war affected countries.


COGA has now implemented a school performance project, to improve ethnic minority, involving paid volunteers.





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