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Improving ethnic Minority School Performance

COGA (Children Of God Association) will be delivering a School Attainment Project targetted at children of minority ethnic background. The areas of interest are St Pauls,   Lockleaze in Bristol. COGA is looking for volunteers teachers interested in charitable work to deliver homework and pastoral support (6 to 16 yrs old).


This is COGA's first UK funded project and we hope other organisations will collaborate with us. We hope parents will cooperate with us fully to get the best for their children. Fun Day events will be organised in each project location.


Contact person on above project:

Mrs Hawa Romieh, Co-ordinator at Coga

Tel: +7401952135 OR 

Mrs Hannah Roger Charlton, Chair (COGA UK)
Contact: address:
Tel: +447702577127


Event: we have been on our feet doing some fund raising to assist flood and landslid victims in Sierra Leone. Our largest supporter and donor, Aidboxcommunity has donated large amount of different clothing for both men and women including children and beddings of allbsorts. Money raised after funding event used to pay for shipping all these materials to The victims in Freetown, Sierra Leone.  We will continue our fund raising to raise more fund for school fees payment for this first school term.of the academic year.


Event: awareness on teenage pregnancy, early marriage and child molest. 2015 - 2016

A forthcoming campaign against hunger,teenage pregnancy, early marriage and child molest.

The Fight Poverty program and Eradication of Ebola virus are launching a new campaign to fight hunger and diseases in Sierra Leone. This isn't just a third-world problem, so we target socially disadvantaged communities, children whom their parent or guardian died from the EBOLA virus are and are needing accommodation, the homeless in Sierra Leone. Find out how you can help us by calling +44  01173829135 and +44(0)7702577127


Bo serves as the second capital and administrative center of Sierra Leone. After Freetown, Bo is the leading educational, commercial and cultural center with a current population of approximately 306,000. The population of the city is ethnically and culturally diverse. It is home to a significant number of the of  country's ethnic groups, with the Mende people make up the largest ethnic group. Bo is home to some of the most prominent colleges in Sierra Leone, it is also home to the Bo Government Secondary School (commonly known as Bo School), which is one of the largest and most prominent secondary schools in Sierra Leone. The school has a history of producing some of Sierra Leon's most gifted students, including some of the country's senior politicians. Bo has a number government and privatly run Christian and Muslim schools and teacher-training centres. The economy is mainly agricultural and the area produces and trades in palm oil and kernels, ginger, coffee, cocoa, and rice which are transported by road to Freetown. Despite its status as Sierra Leone’s second largest city and educational center, Bo, like the country in general, faces many serious social and economic challenges.

Traditional Attitude towards Education

The deleterious effects of Sierra Leone’s economy and increasing scarcity of resources augmented rural women and girls vulnerability to the structural processes that traditionally marginalised them. For example, girls are more vulnerable to hard economic times because of their perceived commodity value in the form of bridewealth. Hard-pressed parents may see their daughters as a source of wealth and force them into an early marriage. In addition, an increase in school fees often results in a reduction in female enrolment ratios, due to the cultural preference for educating males. While the global number of out-of-school children declined over the past 15 years (falling from 105 million in 1990), recent statistics show that progress has slowed down since 2005. As of 2012, as much as 61 million children are out of school. 

In addition, cultural and social beliefs, attitudes, and practices prevent girls from benefitting from educational opportunities to the same extent as boys. In fact, for every 100 boys of out school, there are still 117 girls in the same situation.


Mr. Frank Bob Sandy

 160, 304 Bo-Lenema Highway,

Sheriff Town, Bo, Sierra Leone





This section presents comprehensive information on our regular events. Read the latest news about our organisation, both in Bo environs, Sierra Leone and abroad.


Recent fund raising, dinner and dance was organised at the Malcolm X Cmplex, Bristol on October 31st, 2015. This event was done at a loss. Turn out was very, very poor, but we give God thanks. We also buy and sell good at goverment rate to raise fund.


A fund raising was organised on the 21-09-2013 at the Malcolm X complex called The CRIPT in Bristol, by the staff of Children of God (Association COGA) Sierra Leone. This event went well and we raised fund which wil be able to fund some children in this programme towards school materials. We hope to do more event during the end of the year to raise fund and preparations are on the way to be more vigilant on our fund raising during the summer of next year (2015).

More volunteers
The recent recruitment campaign has boosted our numbers, but we are always looking to welcome more volunteers. Come and visit us during one of our open days and find out how you can make a difference.

New online access!

We're pleased to announce the launch of our new website so that you can browse through our latest news and updates and learn more about our projects.


New online access!

We're pleased to announce the launch of our new website so that you can browse through our latest news and updates and learn more about our projects.


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More volunteers
Our membership has been boosted by the recent recruitment campaign in Sierra Leone and abroad. Thank you for your support!

New online access!
Thanks for visiting our new website. Browse it to find out more about us and our projects.

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