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A few years ago, our current Founders, Directors and CEO,  Mrs. Hannah S. Roger Charlton, born in Sembehun Nes/Tucker, home town, Sauler Village, Pujehun District and Mr. Roger James Charlton, born of lIlkensen, Derbyshire, United Kingdom, decided to assist Children in Bo Town, second city of Sierra Leone, West Africa. They opened a Non Governmental,  local charitabe organisation (NGO)  by registering with Bo City Council, Social Welfare Gender Affairs, Bo and the Ministry of Education Bo. They named the organisation; Children of God Association (COGA) Sierra Leone Ltd. The name of this organisation refers to every one on the universe as God's children or Allah's children. An umbrella name for every living human being and not particularly based on religion but allows every child their right to any religion or denomination they choosed to be with. The organisation also exercises gender base equality, the right of a Child, regardless of age, religious beliefs and culture.


The initial idea was to encourage people at home and abroad to provide support to those less fortunate and in need. A sense of community was quickly established as a key component in the organisation.  As yet they are doing their best to meet the fundings. They started with 50 children and are gradually reduce the numbet to meet target because of funding and sponsorship. They are currently sponsoring 30 children in the Bo district and suburbs with school materials, educating parents and guidance on sanitation and the importance of educating their childred.  Currently, there are ten employers employed by Mr & Mrs Roger James charlton to see  that the demands of the children are in met and to monitore the developments of the children and their school materials provided for them. These employees are also suppose to be targetting villages with children who are not in school but would want to go to school, shool drop-outs, Abused/rape and under-age children.

New premises

Thanks for the many supports from friends and family here in the UK and my sister in America. Your timely contributions and the fantastic results of our fundraising events, are of tremendous help to the children and we are gradually meeting targets.

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